Castle Rock’s Plans describe the community’s goals and visions and help outline its future shape.

Castle Rock’s Plans

The Comprehensive Master Plan establishes guidelines for Castle Rock’s future.

The “2020 Strategic Plan” was prepared by the Town’s Development Services Department with input from residents as well as various community organizations including the Economic Development Council. This Plan describes the community’s goals, future shape. as well as our vision for topics such as growth management, land use and transportation.

More specific detailed master plans for various Town services have been adopted or are often updated to reflect changing conditions. These offer additional detail on that component of the Comprehensive Master Plan and are used by the Town when they review development proposals, design sewer expansions and plan new Town facilities.

Transportation Master Plan
Water Resources Master Plan
Wastewater Master Plan
Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The Historic Preservation Plan, Southwest Quadrant Plan, Wolfensberger Area Plan and others can be found by clicking here.