Castle Rock is a full-service municipality, meaning we’re in a lot of different businesses. We provide a variety of general government services to maintain the exceptional quality of life here.

Town of Castle Rock

Since 1987, Castle Rock has had a Council / manager form of government. Town Council consists of six Councilmembers, each of whom is elected from the district in which they reside to serve four-year overlapping terms, and a Mayor elected at-large. Elections are held only in even-numbered years and Councilmember terms are limited to two consecutive four-year terms. Council elects one of its members as Mayor Pro Tem by a majority vote every two years. The Mayor presides at Council meetings and is recognized as the head of the Town government for all ceremonial and legal purposes. The Mayor has the same powers and responsibilities of a Councilmember. The Mayor Pro Tem performs duties and has the powers of the Mayor when the Mayor is unavailable.  Council adopts ordinances (local laws); approves the Town budget, major contracts and agreements; makes major land-use decisions such as annexation, zoning, vesting rights, subdivision and development agreements; sets ballot questions; and establishes the overall direction and policy for Town staff to carry out. The Council also appoints the Town Manager, Town Attorney, Municipal Judge and members of the Town’s boards and commissions.

Tax revenues provide

  • Government
  • Fire
  • Police
  • Parks
  • Street services
  • Public transportation
  • Recreation and planning
  • Code enforcement

The Town also provides development services, golf, water and sewer services to residents through self-supporting enterprise funds.

Douglas County

Colorado State Statutes designate counties to function as an administrative arm of State government and to serve as the legislative, policy-making, and administrative body governing unincorporated areas of the County. County Commissioners are responsible under state statute for health, safety and welfare of the citizens including: law enforcement, which includes supporting the court system and the district attorney function as well as providing jail facilities through the Sheriff; human services, including administering and carrying out virtually all programs overseen by the Colorado Department of Human Services. Counties may provide health services, although their ability to do so depends on resources available. In Douglas County, health services are provided through a partnership with Tri-County Health. Douglas County’s three-member Board of County Commissioners is the main policy-making body in the County and works to represent the interests of the citizens of Douglas County at local, state, and national levels. Commissioners are elected at large from one of three geographic districts for four-year staggered terms. In Douglas County, Commissioners are limited to serving two four-year terms.