The outlook for Colorado’s economy — as predicted in a report Thursday from theUniversity of Colorado Boulder’s Leeds School of Business — is even better than it appeared in an upbeat CU-Boulder/Leeds report six months ago.

The latest edition of CU’s twice-yearly economic-outlook report says Colorado is likely to add 68,000 jobs by the end of this year. That’s up from the estimate offered last December of 61,300 added jobs in 2014.

Back then, CU placed Colorado in the top five states for projected growth in 2014. Now, CU has raised that to the top four.

“The growth for Colorado that we are forecasting for 2014 would make it the fourth fastest-growing state in the country,” said economist Richard Wobbekind, executive director of the Business Research Division, which compiled the midyear outlook report.

“Colorado is growing at roughly twice the pace of the national economy in terms of job growth,” said Wobbekind, who is also senior associate dean for academic programs at Leeds. “It continues to be a shining star in the grand scheme of things, as it was in 2013.”

Colorado employment grew 3 percent in the year ending in May, the latest report said.

It projects 2014 growth in every business sector in the state except information, which includes publishing and telecommunications.

Below are key points of the report as provided by CU-Boulder/Leeds. The full report will be posted here.

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