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Where Food Comes From

Where Food Comes From
202 6th STreet, STE 400, Castle Rock, CO 80104
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John Saunders
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John and Leann Saunders, founders of Where Food Comes From, Inc. (WFCF), have been instrumental in changing the way authenticated livestock raising claims could meet the demands of consumers world-wide.  In 1995, and in the basement of their Platte City, Missouri apartment, John launched Integrated Management Information (now known as IMI Global), without any capital, and worked tirelessly building custom information sharing databases.  While John was building these systems and working with the initial infrastructure around animal identification and traceability, Leann was working with the USDA developing the first-ever USDA Process Verified Standard.   In 2012, IMI Global became a division of Where Food Comes From, Inc. (WFCF), which is a name John and Leann chose to better describe what they were doing and where they believed the future of their business was headed. The Company‚Äôs entrepreneurial nature has allowed major diversification and has since acquired additional businesses to round out its certification, verification, and technology portfolio.   Today, the company looks to lead with innovation into the future and continues to modernize their identification and traceability systems, verification and certification suites and data reporting systems.  Their ultimate goal is to offer a direct means of communication to consumers about the details related to where their food comes from and are getting closer to that goal each and every day. Learn more at

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