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Crowfoot Valley Coffee

Crowfoot Valley Coffee
734 Wilcox Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104
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Jason Gray
Business Description

Crowfoot is the foremost boutique roaster, retailer & wholesaler in the coffee industry.  Crowfoot Valley Coffee & Crow Bar has been in business for over 17 years. With a combined employee experience of over 100 years in the coffee industry. We are steeped in coffee tradition. Yet, we look to improve day to day, year to year without giving in to fads or pretentiousness.

We use old world techniques with current and up to date methodologies and know how.

In our store you’ll find yourself in a quiet, friendly, quaint store one minute & a riotous, rambunctious atmosphere the next minute.  Always friendly and fun, never pretentious. We take our coffee very seriously but not ourselves. We know we have the best product & employees…we just don’t rub your face in it.  The top of the line equipment we use will insure the highest quality of beans will be transformed into a great cup of coffee. From a French Press to a nice classic cappuccino you will enjoy our coffee’s prepared fresh and timely. Crowfoot has graphic art and fine art throughout the store, provided by and maintained by the employees.

From Crop to Cup we deliver the best to you.

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